OCPDs get last warning from Ayob (Criminal Investigation Department Malaysia Police Force)

Criminal Investigation Department Malaysia Police Force

Handing over ceremony for new KL CPO Comm Datuk Shuhaily.

KUALA LUMPUR: Action will be taken against OCPDs (Officer in Charge of Police District) who fail to address illegal gambling in their respective areas, according to Comm Datuk Seri Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay.

The director of Bukit Aman CID emphasized that there should be no excuses for OCPDs who signed the “Aku Janji” pledge to eradicate illegal gambling but failed to take action.

“The pledge should not be treated as a worthless document. Therefore, no more warnings will be given; we will take action,” he stated during a speech at the Kuala Lumpur police chief’s duty handover ceremony.

Comm Datuk Mohd Shuhaily Mohd Zain took over the position from Senior Asst Comm Datuk Abu Samah Mohd Noor, who previously held it on an acting basis.

Comm Ayob Khan mentioned that he had received information about some OCPDs in Kuala Lumpur who were unhappy with his decision to deploy the Bukit Aman CID D7 task force to combat illegal gambling activities.

Speaking to reporters after the event, Comm Ayob Khan, who became CID director on April 16, stated that he had instructed division heads at Bukit Aman and state CID chiefs to carry out ongoing operations against illegal gambling.

He emphasized the importance of coordination among the police, local authorities, and Tenaga Nasional Bhd in curbing illegal gambling. Comm Ayob Khan acknowledged complaints regarding gambling premises continuing operations after a raid.

“We must understand that the process of revoking their licenses takes time as most local authorities wait for a court decision. However, Tenaga Nasional will promptly cut off the power supply to these premises during our joint operations,” he explained.

Comm Ayob Khan urged all OCPDs to take the initiative in combating illegal gambling without relying solely on Bukit Aman’s actions. He also mentioned that Bukit Aman CID had established a task force to address criminal activities, particularly illegal gambling, based on actionable intelligence received through their hotline.

Regarding the recently launched Bukit Aman CID hotline (019-376 4763), Comm Ayob Khan reported that it had received around 300 calls, and the relevant agencies would be informed accordingly.

Comm Ayob Khan expressed confidence in the leadership of Comm Mohd Shuhaily, praising his experience, credibility, firmness, and integrity. He highlighted the significance of Kuala Lumpur as an economic hub, a tourist destination, and a location housing embassies and consulates.

Comm Mohd Shuhaily, the newly appointed Kuala Lumpur police chief, pledged to give his best efforts to ensure the success of the Kuala Lumpur police in all aspects.

“It is early to outline my mission and vision, but I aim to work with the officers and personnel in Kuala Lumpur to achieve success for the KL police contingent,” he said, acknowledging the city’s prominent role within the police force.

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