Indonesian J&T Manager Allegedly Commits Suicide in Office Due to 1 Billion IDR Gambling Debt

IDR Gambling Debt

An executive and branch manager at J&T Express in Tambora, Indonesia, reportedly took part in online gambling and, overwhelmed by mounting debt, tragically chose to end his life by hanging.

According to Indonesian media reports, the incident occurred last Wednesday (10th). The lifeless body of 33-year-old Alexander Leo Gunawan was discovered in his office located in Tambora, western Jakarta.

Tambora Police Chief, Putra Pratama, stated that Alexander Leo Gunawan had allegedly incurred a gambling debt of up to 1 billion Indonesian Rupiah (approximately 9,000 SGD) and was facing financial difficulties as a result.

On the day of the incident, Alexander Leo Gunawan arrived at the office around 4 PM and made a phone call to his wife, informing her of his suicidal intentions and urging her to take care of their children.

Concerned and suspicious, his wife went to his office to search for him. Accompanied by several colleagues of Alexander Leo Gunawan, she eventually found him in the office on the third floor. However, at that point, he had already lost consciousness.

Preliminary investigations indicate that Alexander Leo Gunawan, a father of two, chose to end his life due to his debts and family issues.

The cause of Alexander Leo Gunawan’s death has been initially ruled as respiratory failure, and his body has been sent to the hospital for autopsy. Police investigations are still ongoing.

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